Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I call SOS Mobile Medical Care instead of going to an Urgent Care, Emergency Department or my Primary Care Physician?

Over 80% of patients do not need the services of a hospital. The average emergency department stay is 4.2 hours. Technology has advanced so that many of the treatments and tests performed in a brick and mortar facility are mobile and can come to the patient.

SOS Mobile Medical Care delivers primary care, urgent care and emergency care in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Our clear and transparent cash pricing makes concierge level care affordable for everyone.

This personalized care must be more expensive than an Emergency Department or an Urgent Care facility?

No, our services are a fraction of what you would pay in an ED or an Urgent Care facility. We don’t have a huge facility to maintain so our overhead is low. Our healthcare team has taken an oath to “Do No Harm” and we feel that applies to financial as well. Our pricing is transparent and available on our website.

How do I become a patient?

To become a patient, please contact SOS Mobile Medical at 813-226-3332 or for more information Contact Us.

What is your response time?

First step would be to call us. A member of our healthcare team will answer your call or return it within a short time if they are with another patient. They would assess the symptoms and/or request via telemedicine to determine next steps. If an immediate on-site response is needed response time would depend on our health team member in closest proximity. If an on-site visit is to be scheduled it would be at your convenience.

Do you offer membership plans?

Yes, we offer individual/family and business plans. To request more information please click here.

What are the hours of Operation?

The typical hours of operation are between 10:00am to 8:00pm. If you need a time that is not listed call 813-226-3332 and we will set up a time that fits your schedule. We answer calls 24 hours a day 7 days per week and are happy to conduct after hours visits.

Do you accept insurance or Medicare?

We offer pricing that is competitive. We can work with our patients to meet both medical and financial needs. Insurance claims submitted on an individual basis.  Contact us to see how we work with your benefits.

If I’m a patient of SOS Mobile Medical care, do I need insurance?

No we can see you with or without insurance. If you have insurance, whether it is through a private insurance company or Medicare, you will need this insurance to cover the cost of hospitalization, visits to a medical specialist, radiology procedures, and any required lab work.

Will my private Insurance cover my lab work?

The lab company will directly bill your insurance company or Medicare on your behalf.

Is your membership plans an alternative to insurance?

No, we would recommend that any patient have a catastrophic life insurance plan in addition to our membership plans. Membership plan not required to receive care from SOS. For more information on our membership plans, click here.

What is your payment policy? What forms of payment do you accept?

Payment in full is expected for services rendered.  Please inquire about our financing options. We require a credit/debit card to be held on file. We accept cash, credit/debit card, check, ACH Payments, Direct Deposit and Venmo.

What do you treat?

In addition to providing Urgent Care and Emergency Department care, SOS Mobile Medical Care is a primary care provider. We provide health promotion, disease prevention, health maintenance, patient education, and treatment of acute and chronic disease. We offer 24 hour access to your personal medical provider. Full list of services can be found here.

What should I expect on my first visit?

Our goal is to provide the highest quality care by building a personal relationship with each patient. In order to do so, we spend up to one hour during the first visit taking your medical history, and performing a comprehensive physical examination. A medical plan is then developed that is individualized to your health and wellness needs.

Does a follow up appointment need to be in person?

No. We are sensitive to your schedule and recognize that it is not always possible to have follow-up visits in person. Subsequent follow-up visits may be done  via virtual visit, unless a medical condition requires an in-person visit.

How often will I need a follow up visit?

Depending on your age, health, and medical history, we may recommend a follow-up visit every three, six, or twelve months. You are also welcome to schedule a visit anytime you have a health concern.

How many visits can I have per year?

As a patient of SOS Mobile Medical Care, you have an unlimited number of visits. Our main goal is to provide the highest care possible.

Where can my visits take place?

You choose where you want your visit. This can be at home, hotel, sporting event, or your favorite vacation spot.

Does SOS Mobile Medical Care provide care if hospitalized?

SOS Mobile Medical Care does not provide inpatient medical care. SOS Mobile Medical Care will assist in coordinating your care with the emergency department, hospitalist, and sub-specialists taking care of you.

What happens if I need emergency care?

If you have a life-threatening emergency, call 911 immediately.  If you have an urgent care need you can contact us to see if we provide these services?

What happens if my provider is out of town?

In the event that your provider is unavailable and you require care, SOS has carefully selected an associate that will provide any and all necessary care.

What is your policy on pain medications?

Due to changes in federal and state legislation regarding narcotic pain medications. We do not prescribe narcotics, nor do we manage chronic pain.  We do work with specialists in the area and can make a referral for the appropriate clinical speciality. OUR PROVIDERS DO NOT CARRY ANY CASH, NARCOTIC, OR CONTROLLED MEDICATIONS.

What is your policy on medication refills?

Refill requests are processed on an ongoing basis. Some medications may require a visit or labs prior to being filled for patient safety.

Are there any negative side effects for IV Therapy?

No, you are getting safe and natural vitamins and nutrients. Rest assured that every treatment is given by a licensed professional who is operating under a medical director. You will be examined prior to any treatment and we will go over your medical history in detail. You will be able to continue your day refreshed and recharged.

What if I need an X Ray?

We can provide you with a prescription to obtain your imaging at a local imaging center or we can set up an in home evaluation.  We have the ability to schedule echocardiograms, venous dopplers, arterial studies, and most plain film studies at your location.