For Employers

SOS Mobile Medical Care understands how important health care benefits are to your employees and to your relationship with your employees.  Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we provide primary care, urgent care, and emergency care in the comfort and privacy of your employees’ homes or your place of business.  If you would like more information please Contact Us!

The flexibility of our innovative model of care provides multiple options so that employers and employees can create a healthcare solution that best suits their needs. This new way of experiencing healthcare is both cost-efficient and a major employee satisfier.


Give your employees access to a new and improved health care experience.

-24/7 access to their care team

-Virtual visits solve many problems instantly

-Their care team comes to their home when needed.

-Providers have unlimited time to spend with patients

Reduce your healthcare spend and satisfy your employees at the same time

Multiple cost-effective membership plans

-Allows employees to move to less expensive catastrophic insurance plans

-Concierge level care

Turn healthcare into a recruitment and retention tool

-A completely new way to experience health care

-Employees are able to choose when, where, and how they receive their care

Keep employees healthy. Reduce sick days and time off for doctor’s appointments

-Employees have instant access to their care team

-Available 24 hours a day, so no need to take time off

Help keep your employees healthy and give them a benefit they will love.

-Care from SOS Mobile Medical is affordable for businesses of all sizes

-Plans are completely customizable

-Mix and match with other insurance options